I’ve been doing my HSC the past year, locked up in my room the past few weeks and so decided to get out for a bit, indeed the Swiftnic called.

I’ll keep this as nice and short as possible, but it is simply awe-inspiring as to how so many different people from so many different places came together, uniting for a common purpose and appreciation of Taylor.

I can truly assert that today was beyond what I could have expected, and it is a true testament to the power of Taylor and her music to bring so many people together whose faces light up when the music plays. Sending her team to give out merch packs, and recognising her fans the way we recognise her leaves me feeling so grateful to be apart of this fandom.

Friendships forged, cookies baked, polaroids snapped, songs sung and Taylor remained at the heart of it all. Everyone was so amazing, so thank you for making my day and so many others’ day memorable. And thank you to the one and only, taylorswift!